Artistic director of the collaborative project «5x5x5»

for which we invited five directors from African countries to come to Switzerland and each produce a short film within five weeks.
The project took place in autumn 2019, and premiered at Internationale Kurzfilmtage 2019!

Directors: Kantarama Gahigiri, Hajooj Kuka, Yanis Kheloufi, Simplice Ganou, Nomanzi Palesa Shongwe
Produced by Olivier Zobrist, Langfilm
in coproduction with Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst
in collaboration with Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur

8_Ethereality 10.jpg

Video for the exhibition «Einfach Zürich» at the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum)

A 30' video work, a short and pointed portrait of Bubikon, a village in the canton of Zurich, to see at the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum) in their permanent exhibition «Einfach Zürich» (free entry).

--> Landesmuseum Zürich is nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2020! <--


Political spot, produced during the run-up of a vote in Switzerland

commissioned work 

Script & direction: Jela Hasler
Script consultants / brainstorm buddies: Stefan Keller, Tim Rüdiger
released on facebook and twitter


Videos for the permanent exhibition at Museum Burghalde Lenzburg

The museum was renovated and reopened with a new presentation in 2019, for which I produced several videos, both in the permanent exhibitions regarding archeology as well as in the one dedicated to icon painting.

Cinematography: Stephan Huwyler

--> Museum Burghalde is nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2020! <--


by Justin Stoneham, 2017
Function: production manager 

doc, 24', 2017
Script: Justin Stoneham, Kaleo La Belle
director: Justin Stoneham
production: La Belle Film, Kaleo La Belle