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fic, 5 min, 2020, no dialogue

English title: Tomorrow's gone today

Lockdown collection: the project

Mid-april 2020, three production companies released the project «LOCKDOWN COLLECTION by Swiss Filmmakers», a call for short films, in coproduction with the Swiss National Television. The films should deal with the lockdown and be around 5-10 min long. The selected projects had to be produced within two weeks time. The collection comprises 33 films in total, including works from the German, the French and the Italian speaking part of the country. The films are released online by the respective TV stations, as well as broadcasted.

Darstellerin: Sofia Elena Borsani

Regie: Jela Hasler

Kamera: Andi Widmer

Montage, Ton, div: Jela Hasler

Produktion: Jela Hasler Filmproduktion & Turnus Film

Produktion Gesamtprojekt  «Lockdown Collection»: FG Production, Turnus Film, Cinédokké in coproduction with SRG SSR, supported by Federal office of Culture Switzerland

Ausgestrahlt auf SRF 1, RTS 2 und RSI LA 2, Frühling 2020





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