The Meadow

doc, 9 min, 2015, no dialogue

In a dry, barren landscape, a herd of cattel is grazing, accompanied by dogs, looked after by cowboys.

Step by step the seemingly peaceful place starts to prove fallacious to the viewer – while the cows end their day as it begun.

In trockener, steppenhafter Landschaft weidet eine Rinderherde, begleitet von Hunden, behütet von Cowboys. 

Nach und nach entpuppt sich die friedliche Umgebung als trügerisch – während die Kühe ihren Tag beenden, wie sie ihn begonnen haben.



Written and directed by Jela Hasler

Cinematography: Andi Widmer

Editing: Stephan Heiniger

Sounddesign & Mix: Thomas Gassmann

Color Grading: Hannes Rüttimann

Music: Albin Rohrer


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The Meadow ist Teil der Auswahl «25 Jahre Kurzfilmtage Winterthur» auf PlaySuisse 



  • Short Film Award of the City of Winterthur, Cadrage – Zurich film awards, 2015

  • Award for best Short Film, Punto de Vista Int. Documentary Film Festival Pamplona, 2016

  • Award for best short ex aequo with «pepsi, cola, water?» by Tom Bogaert, Videoex Zürich 2016

  • Special Award /Honorable Mention at Split Film Festival, 2016

  • Award for best short in the category «Wagnis» («risk») at Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, 2016

  • 2nd prize «Succès Zürich», Cadrage – Zurich film awards, 2016


  • Film Festival Locarno, 2015

  • Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, 2015

  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2015

  • Sofia Menar Filmfestival Bulgarien, 2016

  • Solothurner Filmtage, 2016

  • Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival, 2016

  • Tampere Short Film Festival, 2016

  • Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, 2016

  • Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Special Programme «New Cinematic Voices of Switzerland» curated by Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, 2016

  • Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, 2016

  • Vilnius Film Festival, 2016

  • Rencontres du film court Madagascar, 2016

  • Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival Toronto, 2016

  • Changing Perspective Film Festival Istanbul, 2016

  • Doxa Documentary Film Festival Vancouver, 2016

  • Videoex, Competition, Zurich, 2016

  • Kurzfilmnacht-Tour: Swiss Shorts, 2016

  • Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, 2016

  • Sydney Film Festival, 2016

  • FEST New Directors new Films Espinho, Portugal, 2016

  • Swiss Film Festival Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2016

  • Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany, 2016

  • Parkflimmern Fürstenwalde Germany, 2016

  • Kinookus Food Film Festival Croatia, 2016

  • OderKurz Filmspektakel Germany, 2016

  • Corto e Fieno Filmfestival Italy, 2016

  • Split Film Festival Croatia, 2016

  • Shnit Shortfilmfestival, 2016

  • Autumn in Voronet Filmfestival, Romania, 2016

  • Northern Wave Filmfestival Iceland, 2016

  • Festifreak Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016

  • Minidoc Filmfestival, Spain, 2016

  • Devour! Food Film Festival, Wolfville, Canada, 2016

  • Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, Germany, 2016

  • exground filmfest Wiesbaden, 2016

  • The Bosphorus Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey, 2016

  • Polarized! Vision, Rovaniemi Finland, 2016

  • Madurai Film Festival, India, 2016

  • Short & Independent Filmfestival, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2016

  • Bogoshorts, Bogota, Colombia, 2016

  • Lecce Filmfest, Italy, 2016

  • Ciné-Doc Le Sentier, Switzerland, 2017

  • Minimalen Short Film Festival Trondhem, Norway 2017

  • Northwest Film Forum, Canada, 2017

  • Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2017

  • Shorts Mexico, 2017



Cineuropa: Top European Shorts 2015

For the international day of the short film (december 21st), Cineuropa has asked a number of programmers and curators to make a list of their top European Shorts of 2015. Sven Schwarz (director Shortfilmfestival Hamburg) has mentioned «The Meadow» as one of his Top 5! 

«This beautiful unagitated documentary gives the audience a glimpse into a world where something feels strange. Even though this film is very calm and almost static it got really stuck in my head and is one of the gems I am hoping to see at a lot of festivals in 2016»


Catalogue Info IDFA, 2015: 

«The Golan Heights, the hilly area on the border between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, has been a disputed territory for millennia. Assyrians, Arameans, Greeks led by Alexander the Great, Romans and Ottomans – they all rolled through this strategically located area. During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel captured the plateau, annexed it officially 14 years later and built radar stations there. The UN was unanimous in its rejection of this action and the local Druze continue to resist the occupation. Every time problems break out in the region – especially with a bloody civil war going on in Syria for years now – the tension can be cut with a knife. But that’s the situation from the perspective of a human. For ruminants with four stomachs, life in the Golan Heights isn’t so bad. The grass could be more tender, but the clima-te is pleasant and the peace is disturbed only by dogs and a single cowboy. Jela Hasler has mastered the art of putting things in perspective. She already proved that with her graduation film that was supposed to be about a porn producer, but turned out to be a revealing examination of her family‘s lack of understanding about her life as a filmmaker.»